Nothing Wasted

The broken vessel holds a treasure.

The Shepherd knows you by name. →

Precious truth.

Lift →

Love this.

The Road Not Taken →

In the Garden →

A powerful poem and perspective by my friend, Melody Muses

Finding Christ

My mom lives in Arizona. Think Southwest architecture and décor.

The wall that separates her from her neighbor has three niches in it. Each one had a statue: Jesus, Mary, and St. Francis. It’s sort of on the order of the picture, but much less ornate. Think stucco wall with turquois painted statues.

<img src=”” alt=”” />

One day a strong storm came in and knocked Jesus from the wall and he…

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Tough to Swallow

In John 6 we find the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes. When lunch is over he identifies himself as the Bread of Life. Then in a way that shocked the crowd, he goes on to tell them they must eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Their response: Many among his disciples heard this and said, “This is tough teaching, too tough to swallow.” (John 6:60, The Message)

Too tough to swallow.

What do…

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Compassion for Mary and Martha

Compassion for Mary and Martha

Who are you more like Martha or Mary?

I’ve asked that question more times than I can remember. Today we were discussing it at the Widow’s Support group and a brand new thought occurred to me.

We typically associate Mary and Martha’s behaviors with their personalities and their spirituality. Whole books have been written about this: Having a Mary spirit in a Martha World.

Nice. But in this case,…

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Progress Report

Just want to go on record…

This year I have lost 17 pounds. Fourteen of those have been since the beginning of June…just 6 weeks!

I work out 3 to 5 times a week.

I’m working two jobs, watching my grandson, have all my activities at church, and district women’s ministry.

And in addition to being gluten free, I am also avoiding milk and most dairy products.

I’ve been able to cut my pain meds in…

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Walk this way…

Walk this way…

On May 6 I joined a gymn/fitness center. A few days before that my husband suggested since I wasn’t working maybe I would be open to checking out the fitness center he used to go to. I was. I did. I am.

I visited my mom in Arizona and had her get me a guest pass to the fitness center there and I worked out every day I was there. Even on Sunday! I surprised everyone and worked out on the day I was…

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Book Review: Undetected

Book Review Undetected
Dee Henderson
May 22, 2014

I hadn’t read a Dee Henderson book for several years. I eagerly anticipated this one and was not disappointed.

This author does an amazing job at developing her characters for her readers. They are relatable and likeable. They grow as the pages turn. This is particularly true of this book.

I lead a Bible study for the Widows Support Group at our…

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